Hello World - A Cliché title

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Some information about me? Perhaps

I am a Data Scientist at AgaraLabs who works on exploiting Deep Learning for Speech and Natural Language Processing. I was previously working on Computer Vision based Applications at SigTuple (I have a lot of interesting stories here, perhaps you should ask me in person xP). Of late, My Research interest has been Multimodal Signal Processing / Machine Learning (I wonder why xP).

From the inception of my professional career, I have been actively involved in Software Development to cater the needs of my organisation and taken up keen interest in learning about it. My hobbies span a huge spectrum, some of them are: Football, Boxing, Yoga, Travelling and Philosophy (Yes, I read immanuel kant and kautilya).

So, It is safe to say that I believe that jack of all trades > ace of one. You get the idea by now, I am that friend who sounds self obsessed and narcissistic but take a leap of faith and assume that I am humble guy who is filled with great thoughts and wants to compile it somewhere.

Why start a blog?

  • I hope to write about my research misadventures, development tips and tricks, my thoughts about any popular opinion, Raise questions which I need your opinion on and many more topics which I can’t think of right now.
  • Learning how to use jekyll adds a new skill-set to my profile xP.

Why not use some existing blogging websites like medium, wordpress etc.? why jekyll

  • I am not very comfortable with social media pages as I have less control over the proceding and Moreover, I own an unwavering lack of interest in tracking the changes of it’s user interface.
  • Frankly, jekyll is really cool for small use case like that of mine.

Hold on tight and be patient, this roller coaster ride might take you through some ups and downs.